Bilingual Babies at Vamonos NOLA

IMG_2916Multilingualism. Bilingual babies. Immersion. Second language learning for kids is a common topic in New Orleans. It’s one of those ideas that the benefits seem so intuitive now, but did you know that before the 1960’s being bilingual was seen as a handicap to children’s development? Just listening to kids in and around New Orleans speaking several languages and it seems obvious that it is easier for children to learn a second language. It’s true! Research shows that it is due to the plasticity or adaptability of our kids’ brains allows them to use BOTH hemispheres, unlike our one sided adult brain. But don’t worry, no matter what age you learn a second language the benefits of being bilingual are clear. The brain workout you feel when learning a second language is indeed developing problem solving skills, focus and multi-tasking just to name a few!

At Vamonos NOLA, (Let’s Go New Orleans) we love this very cool brain stuff, but we love play based learning even more! We know that when you allow a child to explore and play that learning is a natural consequence of a well-designed environment. So during our Mommy and Me and Toddler classes, we set up a play-full environment where children can explore their surroundings while we teach your single hemisphere how to engage and play with your child at home to foster and speak more Spanish! That means what you learn at Vamonos NOLA expands beyond the classroom!

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